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The StUdio Barber & Styling is an upscale celebrity barber shop and salon founded by Ursula Kershaw in the Charleston area. Since 2015, we’ve offered a wide range of services and products to give you the elegant and fabulous look that you deserve. Scroll on to book an appointment or inquire about walk-in services.

Meet The Team

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Mrs. Ursula Kershaw has been a Business-owner, stylist and makeup artist for over 30 years specializing in natural hair,  personalized units and healthy hair.
She is passionate about her career and enjoys making her clients feel amazing daily!


The StUdio's  lead esthetician, Zoe Moore 
has been with The StuUdio since 2018. Along with loving what she does she is committed to keeping smiles on her clients faces. It has always been her passion to care for natural skin.


Karen Holt

Loc Assistant, Karen Holt 
Has been with The Studio since 2015
She’s absolutely amazing at her job and love what she does.. she’s dedicated to taking care of her clients and making them smile

Zoe Moore

Ursula Kershaw, CEO

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